Top 10 cars of the 37th edition of GTI Treffen

The Volkswagen Golf GTI of 1976 started something big. It made affordable performance cars a reality and from the moment it found itself on the road, almost every other manufacturer started their own “GTI”. The GTI also gave birth to one of the world’s largest Volkswagen meetings on the shores of Lake Wörther in Austria. I was there and loved every moment of the event.

This car rally is open to all Volkswagen Group cars, not just GTIs. Here is my Top 10 cars of the 37th edition of the GTI Treffen am Wörthersee 2018.

Audi 60

It was one of the first cars built by Audi following the creation of Audi NSU Auto Union.

MK1 Scirocco

A fine example of Italian Giugiaro style and German engineering. My favorite Volkswagen of all time.

MK1 Jetta sedan

Simple appearance and everyday user-friendliness. Robust, reliable, beautiful, rare, exquisite, elegant, innocent, pretty, cool, distinguished … I could go on and on …

MK1 Golf GTI Kamei

The steel wheels and Kamei body kit make it an incredible combination.

MK1 Polo Jeans Edition

In the mid 70’s, denim was very “in”, including for car interiors.

MK2 Golf Country

The first crossover? This is a 5-door raised Syncro Golf with 21 cm ground clearance and semi-real off-road capabilities. What is a Syncro Golf?

MK2 Golf Syncro

It is a beast also ramified. It’s a 5-door Golf with VW’s viscous coupling Syncro AWD system.

MK2 Rally Golf G60

It’s the ultimate 2nd Generation Golf. 4-cylinder, turbocharged 1.8-liter 8-valve engine with Syncro all-wheel drive. Power and performance

MK3 Golf

This car cover is equipped with a 4-cylinder flat-cooled engine in the rear. The build quality is out of this world.

MK7 Golf R Sportwagen

Who says breaks are boring? It is a family Golf R perfectly modified. I want one. NOW.

Audi autonomous cars on the roads from 2021

The automaker announced earlier this week that its first autonomous car offensive, expected by 2021, would be heavily inspired by the Aicon prototype unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2017.

Remember that this sedan coupe with a cockpit-like “lounge” is fully electric and equipped with autonomous driving technology. The manufacturer is convinced to see this type of vehicle appear in urban areas, a bit like a conventional taxi, but without a driver. Autonomy announced for the prototype would oscillate between 700 and 800 km

Audi did not disclose where it planned to undertake this pilot project, but it is clear that it will be in a city where mapping is detailed. The director of research and development of the manufacturer, Peter Mertens, has also indicated that the intention of Audi was to market this type of vehicle in the middle of the 2020, in short by 2025, when Audi wants to sell no less than 800,000 electrified vehicles (electric or plug-in hybrids) on a global scale.

The launch of the first all-electric vehicle will take place later in August, the latter being highly anticipated among fans of electric energy. The SUV e-tron will eventually be accompanied by a variety of electric models or rechargeable hybrids, because with such a goal, Audi has no choice to improve its offer.

The first news about the superb Audi Sport e-Tron GT

Volkswagen has several vehicles planned over the next few years as part of its ambitious electrification plan. One of his models will be developed by his Audi brand and is certainly spectacular in terms of design. We are talking here about the Audi Sport e-tron GT, a high-performance four-door sedan based on the Porsche Mission E.

We do not yet know all the information about the Audi Sport E-Tron GT, but according to its manufacturer it will require more than $ 100,000. It could arrive in 2019 and will use a carbon fiber structure. It can be recharged with a charger of 150 kW.

Its 100% electric motorization could be composed of three electric motors, or the Sport e-Tron GT could use the engine of the Porsche Mission E too. To be continued.

The Q8 Sport Concept in hybrid mode

It was at the Geneva Motor Show that the Audi manufacturer launched the Q8 Sport Concept , a sporting version of the Q8 concept that was introduced at the beginning of the year in Detroit.

For its new Q8 Sport Concept, the German manufacturer has favored a lightweight hybrid engine to increase performance through a system of energy recovery and a small battery. This new engine is composed of a six-cylinder of 3.0 liters producing a power of 450 hp. To make this SUV even sportier, engineers have paired it with a hybrid technology that recovers energy and redistributes it. In total, the engine produces 476 horsepower.

With the electric motor and its battery, the Audi Q8 Sport would measure it to move at low speed in 100% electric mode for a short distance. Also, already present on the SQ7, the Audi Q8 Sport Concept adopts an electric compressor that blows air in the supercharging pipe in order to obtain a better response of the engine at low speed.

The German manufacturer boasts of delivering performance worthy of a big 8 cylinder with the fuel consumption of a 4-cylinder.

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